How to make your interview answers better than your fellow competitor?

Every B- School gives a lot of weightage to the PI round, therefore it is very important to keep in mind even the smallest intricacies while appearing for your interview.
Since there is a shift to online format there are a few online interview etiquette one should keep in mind, the link for which is as follows: Online interview Etiquette
Additionally, few other tips to keep in mind while appearing for online interviews are:

  • Keep your answers crisp: Prepare a four- to six-line response to each question. This is sufficient to give a few comments and, if the interviewer so wishes, to inspire additional debate. Avoid simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses, as well as monosyllabic responses.

  • Be honest: Never in an interview try to be someone who you are not, even if there are failures accept them. But do not just show complacency towards them. Always tell the interviewer how did you grow from them. It is very necessary.

  • Answer in a balanced tone: You’ll very probably be given a few stressor questions to see how well you handle disagreement. Don’t put up a fight. Both the words you pick and the way you speak may indicate your tone. Before the big day, practice answering challenging questions with a friend. It will be beneficial.

Always remember PI is a two way communication, do not be very afraid to say something in the room otherwise you will always be scared to come up.