Online interview Etiquette

With the online interviews in place, interview etiquette in an online scenario has transformed from an offline scenario.
1) Technology: Before joining your interview, make sure your device is technologically ready and compatible. Test your mic for any audio issues & test your camera for any video issues you face.
2) Background etiquette: While being in an interview, it is of utmost importance for one to have a plain & professional background. A wall that is plain & lightly colored is preferred. It is highly advisable to keep your device on a stable platform & to sit on a office chair. Never ever sit on your bed.
3) Body Language: With online fatigue all over, interviews would be really interested in your profile if you make it very engaging. Therefore a warm smile & appropriate hand gestures are highly advisable.
4) Attire: While appearing for every B school interview, make sure to wear your best suit available. Make sure you have an attire that is very professional & makes you look attentive & sincere.
5) Computer/Camera Angle: It’s also crucial to consider where you’ll set your computer or camera. The camera should be at eye level. Again, attempt to replicate the environment of an in-person interview as much as possible. This may need elevating your PC on a box or anything else on your desk. Don’t be concerned about it. The box will not be visible to the interviewer.