Become A Software Engineer Part 3

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I hope you have gone through the “Become A Software Engineer Part 1” , and “Become A Software Engineer Part 2” before coming here. It’s really advisable to completely read part 1 and 2, then only continue with part 3.
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Part 2: Become A Software Engineer Part 2

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Design and Build Software or Projects

Most of the employers are going to ask for the hands-on experience in building software or a project. Your practical experience is more valuable than your academic knowledge or GPA (CGPA in Indian education system) . Those CS fundamentals and concepts which you have learned in your textbooks, you should know how it can be used in building some amazing software. There is no point to learn all the concepts theoretically if you don’t know how to use it practically. So, use whatever you have learned and improved your skills by building some software or projects.
You can build some personal or professional projects, you can contribute to some open-source projects and you can showcase it to the recruiters putting everything online. Your potential employer will be able to see your skills and experience through your projects.

Do Some Internships

Internships are the best opportunity for students to get hands-on industry experience and exposure and that’s the reason it opens a lot of job opportunities. A lot of companies offer internships for students who want to work on industry projects. In internship students’ get practical training and real industry exposure where they work on some projects or products related to their skills, they also learn how to work under a team and it helps them to adapt to the company culture.
Generally, internships are three to six months long for students and we recommend every student to go for some internship programs during their college time. Doing an internship can be really helpful in getting a full-time job offer and the same company where you are working as an intern can give you the opportunity for a full-time position once you complete your internship. You can read the part 1 and part 2 in relation with part 3 and last part 4 to know it’s importance.

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