Become A Software Engineer Part 1

Hello Everyone,

We are going to discuss some options and a general path that will help you to enter in this industry as a programmer but understand that there is no single path to becoming a software engineer .

Technology is solving a lot of issues in the world. Software Engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world but you really need a lot of patience, constant learning and constant improvement in this field. Thousand of workers’ efforts can be reduced in a company by just introducing software to them. These all are the reasons a lot of people wants to become a software engineer or developer and they love to help people by building something that can solve their problems.

Pursue Computer Science Related Fields and Degree

This is one of the traditional ways that most of the students follow to pursue software engineering. A lot of students choose a bachelor’s degree program in computer science, they study in-depth theoretical concepts of computer science subjects which helps them to understand the principle of software engineering. Data Structures, Algorithms, Web Technology, Computer Networks, Mathematics, Database System, Programming Languages and a lot of major subjects help students to have a comprehensive understanding of software engineering and modern approaches of software development. A lot of employers set the eligibility criteria of four years bachelor’s degree program in the computer science field so pursuing a degree is a great choice but you shouldn’t rely on a degree only. All those subjects are not going to give you practical exposure or working on real-time projects. You can’t say someone that you have enrolled for the course to become a software engineer until or unless you won’t have practical exposure. To become a developer or software engineer you need to use your theoretical knowledge and concepts practically working on some real software. You need to showcase your practical skills to the recruiter and we will talk about what you should do apart from theoretical knowledge in upcoming points.

Study Data Structures and Algorithms

An algorithm is a step by step approach to solve a specific problem, whereas data structure is the way of organizing data. These two concepts help programmers to solve the problem within less amount of time and memory. A software engineer is always expected to give the best solution for a specific problem taking care of time and memory both. They should know which algorithm and which data structure will be suitable or the best fit for a certain problem.
Consider an example of searching an element in a large set of data. You can search the element using a linear search or binary search. Now you need to decide which approach is better (need to take care of time and memory management) to search the data (It depends on the number of data). We highly recommend you to focus on these two topics which are the heart of programming. Also, study mathematics if you can, because it helps you to analyze and design the best algorithm for a specific problem.
You can take help of some portals like Stack overflow, developers community and a lot of sites are there to practice these two essential topics. You will understand how problems are solved in real world or in industries using these two basic building block smartly in a software.

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