Would you give me an example of when you had to deliver negative feedback?

You received feedback countless times, but what about delivering it? It’s easier to appreciate a point of advice or admit to your mistake than to tell others they could’ve done better.
Being a leader means directing people towards better results, and it’s no picnic.
Show your recruiter you’re ready for the dark side of the job, too.

I ran an internal communications department at a bank. One of my team members took care of our company’s newsletter. He had a task to produce a loaded newsletter with the bank’s quarterly results. The tone of voice he used for the newsletter surprised me. It was inappropriate for a business environment. I decided to set up a meeting with my coworker and explain why the newsletter needed a rewrite. The session took us around an hour and a half. I wanted my employee to have all the time he needed to ask questions and dispel any doubts about the edits. At the end of our meeting, he suggested using his example to refresh the writing style rules at a team meeting. It was a fruitful meeting that led to significant engagement from the bank employees. And my team appreciated the short reminder of the dos and don’ts