Work Experience vs Fresher in MBA Placements


  • The solution to this conundrum may appear to be a resounding “Yes,” yet it necessitates further consideration. Work experience clearly provides a wealth of knowledge in terms of real-world complexities and various dimensions of applicability.
  • Still, the ability to do a job does not always equate to the ‘Will’ to do the job. An MBA’s breadth of knowledge necessitates, above all, the desire to absorb and use it.
  • As a newcomer, you may have a different approach to the problem, perhaps one that is less informed, but that does not rule out the possibility that it is valid.
  • There are several winners in any segment, and each firm uses the resources at its disposal to compete on unique talents,’ as one of Strategy’s lessons reveals.
  • On the one hand, unlike the work-ex, a fresher is more open to change. When you work in an organisation for a long time, you become loyal to it.
  • You may have physically left the firm, but its culture, behaviour, etiquette, ethics, and much more remain with you mentally. The result will be fruitless if he enters the new organisation with the same old mentality.
  • However, for a newcomer, this will not be an issue; he will be able to blend into any organisation, adopt any role, and play according to his desires. A newcomer will have whole new problem-solving abilities.
  • Last but not least, learning a subject and keeping up with studies will never be a problem for a fresher, although it is highly improbable in the case of work-ex. He can get good grades in his classes, which will almost certainly lead to a decent job at the end of the term.