Why's there a Hype around Digital Marketing?

Let’s look at it through the lens of an analogy. We’ve all heard of a chartered accountant. Everyone who works in business aspires to be a chartered accountant. However, how many Chartered Accountants can a business afford? A minimum of one or two, with a maximum of ten or twenty. With so few top-tier opportunities, it’s not fair to say it’s a bad career path. Digitalization has only recently gained traction. As a result, it will take time for the field of Digital Marketing to mature. Many organizations are still in the planning stages of converting their existing operations to digital. When the path to that transition is perfectly built and the transformation is complete, they will only be looking for digital marketing experts. As a result, the hype surrounding digital marketing is justified, as people recognize the importance of being future-ready for job opportunities. A digital marketer can work with multiple channels at the same time. A digital marketing campaign is a versatile way to increase sales because it automatically catches the attention of a potential customer and makes the consumer aware of a company’s offerings.