Why poor acads ? - mba interview

There may be times when an individual is grilled on a variety of topics, such as why he or she has such poor academic performance. He or she could have stayed another year to finish 11th, 12th, or graduation. You could have taken an extra year as an interviewee to clear the backlog.


  1. In such cases, one must be able to justify them and construct a story that is inspiring or motivating. But keep in mind that there is no way to come out on top when thrown under the bus.
  2. The most important conclusion one can draw from poor academic performance is that the individual did not put forth sufficient effort.
  3. One should avoid blaming the system, as well as professors, peers, or even one’s own health.
  4. One should be very generous in admitting that one should have taken more responsibility.
  5. One should not get bogged down and claim that he or she has lost his or her way or that they are useless. Most of the time, owning up to and learning from mistakes is the best solution.