Why is Group Discussion an important part of Bschool admissions?

There are various things which are gauged in this process and thus, preparation for this leg is very important.

• Decision-making ability - How the candidate uses the facts and points discussed among their peers and brings out argument-backed conclusions.
• Communication Skills - The articulation skills of the candidate are marked as a well-structured, crisp point that brings the discussion to a point. Think before you speak so that you don’t speak anything irrelevant to the topic being discussed.
• Your confidence and attitude - A well-composed and calm attitude with to the point discussion always puts leverage.
• Your problem solving and critical thinking ability - Logical deductions and proper flow to the discussion is paramount.The contribution to the group should be meaningful. Bringing a point that encapsulates the relevant information rather than beating around the bush is always needed.
• Building consensus - The ability to bring consensus in the group is seen as the ability to adjust in new surroundings. It brings out the potential to work in a team and reach a definite conclusion amidst different opinions.