Why is curiosity is essential for a Product Manager?

The most curious product managers are the best. Product managers must be curious since there is so much to learn and discover about an issue, users, viable solutions, their team, their industry, and more. Product managers must strip away the layers of a problem, and the more curious they are about the problem, the more likely they are to succeed, questions like why it exists and what choices there may be to fix it. However, problem curiosity is only the beginning.

Product managers must also be interested in the people and processes involved in a challenge.

What is the impact of the problem on people and processes, and how much do they need to change to solve it?
How are users dealing with the situation now, or not?
What are users’ opinions on the issue, and how does it affect them?

The greatest product managers spend time learning about the problem and its repercussions, including who and how it affects.

They want to know how designers, engineers, and marketers, to mention a few, think and work. Because their curiosity displays a commitment to learning for the benefit of others, curious product managers will acquire the respect of users and coworkers sooner.