Why do students “opt-out” of the Placement process?

1. Joining the previous employer: Many students receive funding for their MBA from their previous employers. They are promoted to a better position with increased pay when the program is completed. They don’t have to worry about placements to devote their full attention to lectures and networking.

2. Venturing on their own — Students from top IITs or with firm profiles frequently fail to land the best jobs. This could be due to stress, a lack of interview skills, or simply bad luck. Some people are compelled to wait for 3-4 hours for a firm and are forced to skip other interviews, only to be rejected by the company that kept them waiting! Everything goes wrong. Such people then opt out and attempt to obtain work independently, thereby bolstering their profile.

3. Barred by Placecom -Placecom has barred you from rejecting internship offers from the company you are interning. Even though the intern has informed the firm that he does not wish to return, some companies offer PPOs to them. If the candidate is adamant about not joining and refuses the PPO, they are allowed to sit in a limited company.

4. Some students must repeat the year — If you receive fail grades in two or more subjects, you must repeat the year. You are ineligible to apply for final placements in the year you failed if you repeat the year!

5. Entrepreneurship - The most apparent reason - Many candidates have family businesses that they plan to join once their MBA is completed or want to start their own firm.