Which is better, JP Morgan or Goldmann sachs?

If you ask the same question, then, congratulations, you are the top layer or creme delayer of the candidates who apply for the companies every year.

The truth is that there are no two more outstanding investment banking organizations in the world than these two (although there are one or two others that could reasonably consider themselves comparable).

Your choice should be based on the specific function you’re applying for, and how you feel about the team you’ll be joining at each organization.

Is there a particular area where you have more faith in the leadership?

Is one team seemingly on the rise, while the other appears to decline? Is one case better than the other in terms of departure options? are some questions based on which your decisions should be made.

These and other ‘local’ factors will have a significantly more significant impact on the quality of your experience than the name above the front door you walk through every morning.