Which books can one refer while preparing for CAT

Getting to the bottom of the elephant in the room: which books should one read when
preparing for the CAT.

Arun Sharma’s books are the ones that most people use to prepare for any section. The
passages provided in VA RC are an accurate representation of the types of passages
encountered in the real test. The passages are extremely varied. There are also questions
from previous CAT exams. All of Arun Sharma’s books (VA-RC, DI-LR, and Quants) cover
the techniques needed to answer specific question types. At the end of each chapter, there
is a question bank with questions divided by difficulty level. It ensures that the skill progresses
gradually and that the student can attempt any question that appears in the examination.

There are two other books for Quant that an aspirant may refer to. The first is from Sarvesh Kumar, and the second is from Nishit Sinha.

books for CAT preparation

  • There are many books available for the preparation. The most famous and useful books are Arun Sharma’s books. It is a set of 4 books covering Quantitative ability, Verbal ability and reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and Data interpretation.

  • Each topic of the books will have three levels of exercise. Each level, the difficulty level increases. The basics of each topic are clearly explained with many examples. At the end of each topic, there will also be previous year questions in the previous CAT papers. Apart from these, one can also use TIME books for mass preparations, which also have a good set of questions covering a wide range of topics.

  • You can also start working on word power made easy by norman lewis to improve the VARC section. Also, books by R.S Agarwal on quantitative methods contain large chunk questions. Apart from these, there are many online sources available like by us, career launcher and ims etc. where you can access many topics.