When we should giving mock tests for CAT?

1. There is never a thing as a perfect circumstance. With the CAT exam date in mind, as well as the ups and downs you’ll likely experience on your CAT mock journey, you’ll need at least two to three months to adjust your aptitude and temperament to the test-taking atmosphere.
2 . Please keep in mind that it’s one thing to have strong aptitude; it’s quite another to be able to sit for three hours straight and perform well under pressure.
3. As a result, a CAT candidate must devote at least three months to adjusting his temperament, stamina, and focus to the exam atmosphere.
4. So, if your exam is in the last week of November, you should start working on mocks by the first week of September at the latest.
5. That isn’t to say that writing mocks before September isn’t a good idea. You can begin as early as June/July and end no later than September.
6. While it may seem like a good idea to get started as soon as possible for some, others may burn out by August and lose interest and passion for writing mocks at the most crucial moment. It’s critical to remember that peaking at the correct time is critical.
7 . In brief, the best timing to begin writing mocks is determined by the depth of your preparation before the mock phase, prior experience taking competitive tests, and your innate ability to adjust to the limits and demands of CAT-style exams.