When appearing in interviews for top B schools, body language is important

When conducting interviews for top B schools, candidates’ body language is very important. An interviewee must take the proper approach to everything he or she does. This also counts as an important factor that panelists consider when evaluating a candidate. Your overall performance will suffer if you are unable to send positive messages. There’s a good chance that even if you give correct answers to all technical questions, you won’t make it to the final list of candidates. This happens quite frequently. Remember that the panelists are looking for whether or not a potential student is a good fit for the university. They can tell whether a candidate can adapt to the university’s teaching pedagogy based on his or her body language. A candidate should never come across as conceited. This may jeopardize his or her chances of advancing through the interview process. The interviewee should not come across as overly confident, as this indicates that the student is unwilling to learn. An ideal candidate should be calm, confident, and positive, and should treat everyone on the panel with the same level of deference.