What's the best way of learning Product Management?

The best way to evolve in product management is through a hands-on approach. Product management entails wearing multiple hats and solving real-world problems. Suppose you are serious about learning and becoming a product manager. To counter that one should:
• Follow a well-structured curriculum to cover essential concepts such as user research, growth, empathy, sprint planning, road mapping, analytics, and stakeholder management with real cases
• Practice solving problems with natural products and customer problems
• Interact with other product managers regularly for mentorship and guidance.

But isn’t it too difficult for you to gather all of these items?

To address this issue and make learning more practical and hands-on, HelloPM has developed a cohort-based learning program. It’s an 11-week live program in which we only accept 20-25 candidates and provide them with:

• A well-structured curriculum covering every concept, framework, and best practice from fundamental to advanced product management
• Live & interactive classes and discussions with seasoned product managers
• Practical and real-life product case studies
• Capstone assignment to build product portfolio and learn practically.