What would your co-workers say about you?

OK, we admit it: some people are just good at interviews. Sometimes, in fact, regardless of their ability to do the job. You could call them lucky (also, probably a lot worse), but somehow they always seem to manage to think on their feet come interview time. If you’re one of these people, we’ve got bad news for you: this question is essentially your Kryptonite.

A classic interview question, this can also trip up the most modest of candidates who don’t feel comfortable singing their own praises. However, always avoid reciting long lists of favourable-sounding adjectives (‘hard-working’, ‘reliable’ and, dare we say, ‘nice’). Testimonials are what recruiters really want.

Use real-life examples to try and give the interviewer a true picture of what you can do.

Right answer: ‘They’d call me dedicated and goal-orientated. After leading a recent project, I was nominated for an award by my peers which represented some of the values the business strives for. I’ve also brought along a few testimonials from people I’ve managed in the past, if you’d like to see them.’