What will you learn in MBA Marketing?

A student who studied marketing as a subject in college will be familiar with the fundamental ideas of marketing as a whole. These principles will be explored in detail and their applicability in the actual world when you pursue an MBA. You’ll learn how each of the principles has been used by businesses in the past, in what scenarios, what the results were, what could have been done better, and, most importantly, how you feel about the issue. Your point of view is crucial since it determines how strong your fundamental knowledge is and how you choose to approach the challenge.

In a word, an MBA is all about putting what you’ve already learned and applied.

You will also study soft skills such as

How to present to an audience, an interviewer, or anyone else (a good marketeer markets himself all the time).

How to Network - In the corporate/entrepreneurial sector, networking is key to marketing and success. Make connections with your peers, instructors, and industry speakers; you never know who you’ll meet who can benefit you later in life.

How to deal with pressure – academics in most B schools are demanding. Once you’ve completed the first year, you’ll be confident in your ability to meet any future work deadlines.

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