What type of questions are asked in the selection process of IIFT

Exam Selection Process for the IIFT

Candidates who pass the exam will be invited to participate in the essay writing, group discussion, and personal interview rounds. Candidates are assigned a topic about general or business matters to write an essay about. A piece of 300 words takes about 20 minutes to write on average.

The following are the IIFT test details for the topics that were previously asked in the essay writing round:

  • Tourism promotion in India
  • Smart city concept
  • India’s long-term development
  • Increasing the inclusiveness of the Indian financial sector
  • In India, creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a priority.
  • Candidates are divided into groups and assigned a topic for the Group Discussion round. They are judged on how well they communicate, how well th ey take the initiative, and how well they express their ideas.

The following are the probable GD subjects for the IIFT exam:

  • Scams involving banks
  • Alcohol and young people
  • The Virtual Currency and Bitcoin
  • Technology’s Impact on Jobs
  • Is India prepared to go cashless?
  • The final round is the PI round, in which the panellists ask the candidates questions. The questions are intended to learn more about the candidate and may include topics such as the individual’s success in the GD and Essay Writing, Statement of Purpose, hobbies, and other topics.

What types of positions are available to IIFT graduates?

  • Derivatives Training
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Equity Analysis
  • International Marketing

What are the names of some of the most successful recruiters?

  • Olam International
  • Phoenix Commodities
  • Indus Valley Partners
  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Axis Bank etc.