What so you mean by data model term?

A data model is the result of a collaborative effort between end business users and IT database analysts. The first step is to define in plain English what data the business needs in order for its various functions to communicate with each other, and how this data must be ordered and structured so it makes the most sense.

  • A data model is a collection of high-level data description constructs that hide many low-level storage details. A DBMS allows a user to define the data to be stored in terms of a data model. Most database management systems today are based on the relational data model

  • While the data model of the DBMS hides many details, it is nonetheless closer to how the DBMS stores data than to how a user thinks about the underlying enterprise. A semantic data model is a more abstract, high-level data model that makes it easier for a user to come up with a good initial description of the data in an enterprise.

  • A semantic data model ,which is widely used, is called the entity-relationship (ER) model allows us to pictorially denote entities and the relationships with each other.