What’s your management style ? in simple words

If you’re faced with this question at an interview, always show instead of tell.

In other words, don’t just talk about your management style – tell them how it actually works.

And since the ability to pay yourself a compliment without coming across as arrogant is often tough, aim to define what good management means to you first. Then talk about yourself positively by explaining what you’ve done , rather than simply repeating words like ‘responsible’ and ‘good leadership skills’.

For example, stating ‘I focus largely on meeting sales targets’ is unlikely to make your interview stand out. Instead, consider saying something along the lines of ‘my ability to motivate a team through incentivised goals has meant my store has become the highest performer in my area.’

Remember: Quantifiable achievement will always beat self-serving rhetoric.

Right answer: ‘ In my opinion, a good manager gives consistent, clear direction and is always available to provide help and advice – but doesn’t take over. Therefore, that’s how I strive to act. I also think it’s important to ensure colleagues have the chance to reach their full potential. I hold regular meetings to discuss the career goals of each member of my team. Sometimes I find they’re not actually sure what they’re aiming for, so it’s an opportunity to provide direction and boost their morale.’