What qualities should a new sales person have?

• He needs to know about the company’s history, policies, laws, and regulations, among other things.
• Details about the product, such as its characteristics, applications, and demand.
• The company’s systems and procedures are followed. This could include things like job hours, overtime, fieldwork, and the company’s culture, among other things.
• Every salesperson needs to be able to sell and there are no such things as natural-born salespeople. If your new salesman has never worked in your sector or sold anything before, you will be responsible for teaching them how to sell. Aptitude and a willingness to learn are two qualities to look for in a sales candidate.
• Every salesperson requires focus and direction. Even a seasoned salesperson needs to be guided to the proper items and services in order to sell to the right market, and a sales rookie has no idea.
• Motivation is essential for any salesperson. Recruiters Hire people who are enthusiastic, confident, persistent, disciplined, and think positively.