What qualities do top companies in sales look for?

A few traits that top recruiters in sales & marketing are looking for are as follows:

1) Dependability & Punctuality
Although industry expertise and a successful, verifiable sales record are preferred, a demonstrated aptitude and willingness to learn is just as crucial. Industry certifications, independent and formal sales training demonstrate that a candidate is not only eager and able, but also willing to go to any length to achieve success. In the absence of considerable industry knowledge, organisations want applicants that are prepared to go above and beyond to secure as many large clients as feasible.

2) Willingness to learn
While the capacity to learn and adapt to a changing economy and marketplace is critical, reliability is also critical. Employees that regularly show up for work every day, as well as for every sales call, client, and sales meeting, are the most valued. Verifying attendance records from school, training classes, and past jobs may help determine whether an applicant has a solid attendance record. Another important quality that employers look for in salespeople is punctuality. The optimal combination is strong attendance combined with a track record of punctuality.

3) Desirable Personality Traits
A combination of personality attributes is required of good sales prospects in order for first-time clients to become long-term customers. This is due to a genuine interest in both the product and the customer, as well as an instinctive ability to modify a sales presentation — with or without prior preparation — to show how and why the item is the greatest answer for a given problem or need. Most firms seek for polite perseverance, confidence, and solid decision-making abilities in sales prospects. It’s critical to be able to manage rejection without taking it personally, especially when selling to cold prospects.