What Overall Strategy should be followed for the IIFT exam?

IIFT entrance exam is a 2-hour exam consisting of about 110 questions divided between 4 sections. It is very important to note that IIFT does not have a sectional time limit for any section and a candidate can switch between sections whenever he wishes to. In such a scenario, it is very important to have a set strategy of what time to allot to each section. There is a sectional cutoff for each section so it is very important for a candidate to score minimum cutoff marks in order to qualify for the next process. Ideally what a candidate should do is to allocate a set minimum time to each section to solve a few questions which would get him to clear the sectional cutoffs, then allocate the remaining time to one of the sections which he thinks is his strength. This strategy can be set right by implementing them in mocks and checking out which strategy works the best and can be used in the IIFT entrance exam.