What not to do in group discussions

There are some mistakes that candidates generally make without knowing they’re making them. Some of them are:

  • Speaking over someone else: One must realize that all members in the group discussion have something to say and his opinions are not more important than anyone else. He should treat everyone’s opinions and ideas with the same respect as he expects for himself. In various instances a candidate speaks over someone else, this does not indicate that he is expressing himself, but that he is being disrespectful to his group members.
  • Being inattentive: A candidate must pay attention to what his other group members are saying. There are times when one is so absorbed in what he is going to say, that he ends up ignoring the ideas of the other members of the group. Therefore when it is his turn to speak, he might end up repeating or extremely contradicting what his own group member said.
  • Being individualistic- A group discussion is not just an evaluation of a person’s knowledge, but also a test of how one performs when part of a team. Therefore, one must bring the contentions of all members of his team to the table and be as inclusive as possible.