What metrics can you use to measure a marketing campaign?

Key performance measures are used to establish and measure the success of a marketing campaign (KPIs).

The following are some of the KPIs:

Return on investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) is a typical metric that compares how much you spent on marketing vs. how much you got back.

Cost per win

Cost per win is a metric that compares the cost of each sale to the overall cost of marketing, and it can be used to compare campaigns to discover which works better.

Cost per lead

Cost per lead evaluates the financial success of marketing campaigns by focusing on the number of leads generated rather than sales or wins.

Cost per conversion

This indicator is most important for organizations that deal directly with online sales, especially when a buyer can add an item to their digital basket.

Cost per acquisition

This metric pertains to new consumers and calculates the cost of acquiring one through marketing and advertising.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate, also known as the target completion rate, is a metric that counts how many visits to your website convert into leads or paying customers over the course of a campaign.

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