What is Venture Capital?

Venture capital is a sort of private equity and a sort of funding provided by investors to startups and small enterprises with the potential for long-term growth. Well-heeled investors, investment banks, and other financial institutions are the most common sources of venture capital.

VC - is a Venture Capital is a type of private equity. This is a form of financing, that can help startups to get established or grow further using these resources. Also, Venture Capitalists are usually proficient people with a lot of experience in business and a great network, so they can help with advice and introductions as well.

Start-ups specifically like VC funding because in the early days they need capital but may not be in a position to pay back a loan.

VCs take great risk with their money - the earlier the investment the greater the risk. But - with great risk comes great reward. When a deal works out the return can be 10x, 100x or more.