What is the selection process of IIFT?

Due to its unique entrance exam, written ability test, and detailed CV form, among other things, the IIFT admission procedure is regarded as one of the most stringent selection processes for MBA institutions.

Here’s a quick summary of the long story:

  1. IIFT entrance exam
  2. GWPI Shortlist
  3. Call letters
  4. Filling out CV forms and other paperwork
  5. Written Ability Test - Group Discussion - Personal Interview
  6. Convert list (Delhi and Kolkata)
  7. Waitlist

Written Exam: Every year in the month of November end or December first week, the IIFT Exam is held (usually in the second half, on a Sunday). This exam attracts around 70,000 students each year, steadily increasing.

GWPI Shortlist: Approximately 1600 candidates are chosen for the next stage (securing a 95+ percentile and clearing both sectional and overall cut-offs). This is released one month after the entrance exam.

Call Letters: Call letters (at the postal address supplied) and E-mails with details of the next steps are sent out within 15 days following the shortlist announcement. It also includes a CV form that must be completed and returned within a certain amount of time.

GWPI: The procedure is carried out in several venues across the country. It is divided into two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The process for each candidate is completed in a single sitting. The dates are from the end of January through the end of February. At the same time, document verification is carried out.

  • Written Ability: There are 3 topics out of which one has to select one to present his well collated, structured conclusive writeup. A time frame of 25 mins was provided last year but due to technical difficulties, this portion was scrapped out.
  • Group Discussion: It is unique in that each candidate is given about a minute to speak (turn wise), after which the floor is available for discussion. Everyone gets a chance to speak this way. The time limit is 30–40 minutes, although the moderators may shorten it based on the quality of the issues stated beyond a certain point.
  • Personal Interview: The CV you filled out is crucial. So be well-versed in that. Aside from that, it is based on the individual’s profile. Ex-employees may be questioned about their jobs, and freshmen may be asked academic questions, among other things. It’s also possible that current events will be discussed. The time can range from 20 to 40 minutes (not necessarily that longer duration implies better chance)

Convert list: It is announced between the middle of March and April.

Waitlist : Announced post April

IIFT’s selection procedure is quite transparent, and the Media Committee is quite active in assisting the candidates. Waitlist: Announced after April