What is the role of the Production Planner?


A production planner job role comes under the purview of operations management. The main job of a production planner involves ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of the production process in a company. The detailed responsibilities and description of job is given below:

• Making Data based assumptions for the amount of material, equipment, and labour work required for undertaking the production
• Quick addressing and resolving of issues in the production process to eliminate the Non-value Add time in the process.
• Suggesting Viable solutions to reduce the cost of production as well as achieve higher efficiency
• Implementing proper scheduling to ensure that work is done in a timely manner.
• Preparing status and performance reports in order to submit to the Top Management.
• Ensuring the workers in the production department have the necessary resources to work efficiently and provide a conducive environment for their learning and growth.
• Monitoring the process and identifying Bottlenecks to provide solutions for achieving higher efficiency