What is the role of the Production manager in the manufacturing and Production area of Ops?

The production manager ensures that the production in a manufacturing unit takes place efficiently and reliably. He looks over the planning and organizing of the production schedule, evaluates the projects, and prepares reports for the requirements of the resources. The in-detail mention of the jobs and responsibilities are done below:

• Carefully planning the production schedule and implementing the same.
• Dealing, negotiating and interacting with the vendors and suppliers for raw materials and building relations with them
• Making a clear and concise budget from the available data and seeing to it that it is in place.
• Ensuring that all the safety and health protocols are followed by each and every person present on the manufacturing unit.
• Maintaining a schedule of repairs and maintenance of machines and checking that schedule is followed.

There are various industries in which one can find the role of Production Manager. This role is predominantly found in manufacturing industries like food manufacturing and processing companies, pharmaceutical companies, defence companies, and heavy electrical units.