What is the role of Group Product Manager

Group Product Managers are product leaders who interact with executives more frequently. They must be up to date on new trends and events in the market that are relevant to the product field. They are noted for predicting, detecting, and managing hazards and are problem solvers. Negotiating with external stakeholders for various forms of cooperation would be one of the critical goals. They’ll be in charge of the entire squad, from junior to senior, and deal with any issues that emerge (if any).

A few key roles include:

1. Creating a business strategy and budget management
2. Create solid processes for a successful end-to-end product lifetime.
3. coordinating with multiple team’s senior leaders
4. External stakeholder negotiations
5. Analysis and mitigation of risks
6. Managing a huge group of people
7. Managing the recruitment process
8. Recommends or gives information on the pricing of products. This isn’t true in all industries, especially insurance, but it is part of what firms want you to supply as part of the pricing choice.