What is the role of an operations manager in a company?

The key role of any operations Manager is to overlook the performance of the company and ensure that the working of company is smooth and the resources are utilized to their maximum potential and the production is taking place at the highest efficiency. Operations Manager are generally in the Upper/ Top management roles where they make helpful insights to the Executives of the company in making decisions. They collaborate with managers form other departments and motivate the production and Supply chain employees to perform to their best of the ability and achieve company goals.
An operations manager is a broad role which generally an employee reaches after working for a certain year in a specialized field while gaining enough knowledge about every aspect of Operations. They also have to look over the financial planning related to production capacities and changes in them while suggesting the number of employees and kind of work they are required to be done. In its entirety, the role of an operations manager is to overlook the working of the whole production process.