What is the role of a Supply Chain Planner?


The role of the supply chain Planner includes making the plans to optimize the use of current resources and facilitate the delivery of goods, services, and information to the buyer. A brief description of the work done by a Supply Chain Planner is as follows:

• Prepare Forecast Reports on the need of material, interpret output, and conduct negotiations with buyers
• Maintaining a record of Inventory of distributor outlets and creating a schedule for timely delivery to those locations.
• Recommending alterations to the warehousing inventory in order to resist the fluctuations of demand.
• Making sure that the business does not have overstock or understock of the raw materials
• Creating and Interpreting reports to provide presentations to the Supply Chain Manager.
• Examining the market fluctuations in order to decide the best time for purchase of raw materials
• Reviewing data for the items like resources, labor used as input to supply and demand plans.
• Overlook the plant and warehousing capacity and plan accordingly