What is the meaning and role of an application development analyst in Accenture?

Accenture recently re-coined its designation titles, and it is one of them. This title contains two key terms: your work environment and your career level.

  1. At Accenture, the career levels begin at level 13, and B.Tech/B.E graduates start at level 12 or as Associates.
  2. The levels will then progress up the ladder as Associate Analyst Senior Analyst Specialist Associate Manager Manager Senior Manager and so on.
  3. The core technical resources are grouped in the Application Development cluster. Testing resources can be found under ‘Test Architecture.’ IT Department resources are labeled as ‘IT Operations,’ for example. Others include ‘Service Delivery,’ ‘Program and Project Management,’ ‘Transaction Processing,’ and so on.

As a result, your designation title can be used to identify the combination of your work environment and career level.

Application Development Analyst’s Role

  1. It varies depending on the project. Accenture is a service-based organization. As a result, most of its projects are in Production Support or Implementation.

  2. Analyst-level resources typically have experience ranging from 1–3 years. Thus, at this level, you expect core technical knowledge and technical work, and you should begin handling a few critical tasks. But, once again, it is entirely dependent on your project requirements and team management.