What is the importance of critical reasoning in Common Admission Test(CAT)?

Some of you may be wondering why you should spend time studying critical reasoning for the CAT when it isn’t explicitly evaluated in the exam. We often overlook the fact that critical reasoning problems can also be present in CAT Reading Comprehension. Many questions will focus on bolstering the author’s argument, weakening the author’s argument, justifying the author’s expectations, and so on.
Critical thinking aids in the development of the reasoning foundation that will be used while addressing reading comprehension questions. The method of reading comprehension reasoning is quite similar to the process of critical reasoning thinking. The persuasiveness of the argument is enhanced by the reasoning incorporated in the argument by using critical reasoning. We undermine the argument by pointing out errors in the author’s logic or pointing out weaknesses in the evidence supplied. Similarly, we improve the argument by elaborating on the reasoning used in the argument or identifying new strengths in the author’s evidence.