What is the hierarichal structure of JP Morgan?

JP Morgan is a banking and financial service company. Many freshers’ dream is to join the company and get their dream roles.

We are here to show you what will be your career progression in the company if you ever join the company.

The hierarchy of the company are as follows -

  1. Junior analyst
  2. Senior analyst
  3. Associate
  4. Assistant VP
  5. VP (Vice president)
  6. ED (Executive director)
  7. MD (Managing director)

To become a VP, you must have at least 10 years of experience, unless you are extraordinary, in which case you can become one in less time.

Transitioning from vice president to executive director is difficult unless you have the necessary degrees and expertise. Or, as previously stated, if you are unique, you can quickly become one.

A minimum of three years of experience is necessary for the position of Associate. Although some in the firm claim it takes five years.

Fresh graduates in technology and finance roles are handsomely compensated.