What is the exam pattern of FRM

Format of FRM

Requirements: There are no prerequisites for taking the FRM examinations. Before taking FRM tests, a person does not even need to show proof of schooling. Individuals having a background in finance, particularly those who majored in finance, will, on the other hand, have an advantage.

Format: The FRM exam is split into two sections:

Part 1 of the FRM

Part 2 of the FRM

Later in this essay, we’ll go over each component in detail.

Preparation Time: Each portion of the FRM test should be studied for an average of 275 hours, according to the Global Association of Risk Professionals. However, some students claim to have spent up to 400 hours studying for each exam component. It’s worth noting that using our simplified notes and video tutorials will cut down on your study time while still ensuring that you understand all of the relevant material.

Pass rate: Pass rates for FRM Part 1 were 42 percent and 60 percent, respectively, according to May 2019 figures. This results in an average pass rate of 51% for both.

Fees: A applicant must pay a one-time registration fee of $400 to enrol in the FRM programme. This one-time registration charge covers the cost of acquiring a FRM part 1 eBook. After paying the registration fee, the remainder of the fees will be determined by whether a candidate registers early, mid, or late.

Payment Options: There are three methods of payment accepted by the Global Association of Risk Professionals:

A wire transfer will cost a candidate an additional $50 in processing fees; a check from a bank in the United States. Checks from other countries with a US bank wiring are also accepted, as are credit cards from Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.

Exam Style: Multiple-choice tests are used in FRM exams. Part 1 consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and is administered in the morning for a maximum of four hours. There are 80 multiple-choice questions in Part 2. It is held in the afternoon, and candidates must finish it in four hours. GARP, like CFA tests, does not penalise incorrect responses.

Both portions of the exam can be taken on the same day. AnalystPrep, on the other hand, recommends taking the part 1 exam first and then the part 2 exam six months later.

Exam results are mailed approximately one and a half months after the exams are taken.