What is the difference HR Analytics, People Analytics, and Workforce Analytics?

The terms HR analytics, people analytics, and workforce analytics are often used interchangeably. But there are slight differences between each of these terms. It would help you to know the difference to be able to assess the most relevant data to their function.

The difference between HR Analytics, People Analytics, and Workforce Analytics

HR analytics: HR analytics specifically deals with the metrics of the HR function, such as time to hire, training expense per employee, and time until promotion. All these metrics are managed exclusively by HR for HR.

People analytics: People analytics, though comfortably used as a synonym for HR analytics, is technically applicable to “people” in general. It can encompass any group of individuals even outside the organization. For instance, the term “people analytics” may be applied to analytics about the customers of an organization and not necessarily only employees.

Workforce analytics: Workforce analytics is an all-encompassing term referring specifically to employees of an organization. It includes on-site employees, remote employees, gig workers, freelancers, consultants, and any other individuals working in various capacities in an organization.