What is Supply Chain Management? (SCM)

Supply chain is the backbone of manufacturing industry, all the products which are prepared in the plantations and factories it reach to the customer through supply chain process. Supply chain deals with the entire process of starting to making the goods and delivering the final product to the customer. It involves everything including distribution and sale of the products.

Management of supply chain is very essential for any organization as it covers the overall aspect of production of the goods to last the final delivery of the goods.
A successful supply chain operation is very important as regards to with customer satisfaction point of view because if the goods are delivered on right time the customer satisfaction increases and that will lead to better growth of the organization from the customer perspective.

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SCM in managing the complete cycle from the Raw material to the end delivery. It includes procurement of raw material to internal movement of WIP to the finished good shipped to the Sales and distribution to the end customer.

Understanding the complete cycle a SCM in the backbone of any organisation which depends on Material Flow, Cash flow and Information flow for delivery at Right Time, Right place, with Right Quality, Right Quantity and Right price.