What is series-A funding?

After a firm has established a track record (e.g., a large user base, consistent sales statistics, or another critical performance indicator), it may seek Series A capital to expand its user base and product offerings. There may be opportunities to grow the product across other markets. For this round, it’s critical to have a strategy in place for creating a long-term profitable business model. Seed businesses frequently have fantastic concepts that attract a large number of enthusiastic consumers, but they are unsure how to monetize the business. Investors in Series A funding aren’t only searching for exceptional concepts. Rather, they’re seeking for startups with exceptional ideas and a solid plan for turning those ideas into profitable businesses. As a result, companies undergoing Series A investment rounds are frequently valued at up to $23 million. Traditional venture capital companies are among the investors in the Series A round.

Series A funding is a funding you get after you have shown certain level of success with your existing business. This is the first funding you get after you have shown a working business which has potential to be big.

The only difference from seed funding is that you get seed funding before you start or are at an initial stage of starting. Series A funding is after you have started the business.