What is PRISM term in project management?

PRiSM - PRiSM is an acronym for projects integrating sustainable methods. It is a project management methodology that focuses on minimizing negative impacts on society and the environment. PRiSM focuses on sustainability. It is essentially green project management.

PRISM is an acronym for Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods. It is a project management methodology that incorporates sustainable practices into project management. PRISM was developed by GPM Global, an organization that aims to promote sustainable project management.

The PRISM methodology includes a set of principles and guidelines that help project managers integrate sustainability into every stage of a project’s life cycle. These principles include:

  • Incorporating sustainability objectives into the project’s scope and goals
  • Identifying and addressing sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Engaging stakeholders in sustainable practices
  • Developing a sustainable project management plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating project sustainability performance

The PRISM methodology is intended to help project managers create sustainable projects that have a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy. It is one of several project management methodologies that prioritize sustainability as a core element of project success.