What is placement process of microsoft?

Microsoft Firm is an American multinational computer technology corporation whose primary job is developing, supporting, and selling a wide range of computer software and personal computer-related goods and services.

Microsoft is a well-known software firm well recognized for its Windows operating system and Office suite. Microsoft’s name is synonymous with that of computing, and many people aspire to work for the corporation.

Microsft hire people through two mediums -

  • Off-campus drives
  • On-Campus placement drives.

We are here to talk about their on-campus placement process, which consists of the following stages -

Online Coding Test

It is an online test consisting of a single question, and the time given is one hour for the same.

The candidates are asked to solve a coding problem by writing codes.

This stage is organized to check candidates’ technical knowledge.

Written Test

It is an offline test consisting of 2 questions, and the time is the same as the coding test, 1 hour.

This round is to check candidates’ communication skills.

Technical rounds

After all the written tests, the shortlisted candidates are then asked to sit through 3 technical interview rounds, where they are being tested again on their technical knowledge.