What is Joint Venture?

Joint venture is a growth strategy in which two or more companies, establish a new enterprise (or organisation) by participating in the equity capital of the new organisation and by agreeing to participate in its management in an agreed manner.
e.g. Tata Iron and Steel Co. joined hands with IPICOL of Orissa to form IPITATA Sponge Iron Ltd


A Joint Venture (JV) can mean many things, but most often it refers to a company set up by two or more independent companies, who generally contribute equity, expertise and/or other resources from their main line of business and work together to assist with the success of the venture.

Example: If a certain company has all of the distribution channels in place for its products and service and had a surplus of resources staying idle because of the lack of goods. This particular company can begin a joint venture with a manufacture who has a poor distribution channel or doesn’t have a distribution channel at all.

A joint Venture is when a company partners with another company to help each other by expanding their customer base and earning more profits.

Often in the business world, companies find themselves growing rapidly but finding that they lack the necessary resources or abilities to maintain such growth. When this happens, they form a joint venture with an entity that has these skills, which delays the need for infrastructure investment at the current moment. It’s wise to have an understanding of what makes up wages by an hour before completing one through your profession if you’re thinking about getting into work-at-home jobs online like joint ventures!

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