What is it like to work in operations management?

The sector of operations management is generally responsible for handling the business administration and ensuring that the business works at the highest level of efficiency. The general duties of an operations manager include improving organizational practices, systems, and processes. It also comprises looking after that all the activities in the organization are carried out in a cost-effective manner.
The work of an operations manager is generally quite hectic. They oversee the production department and ensure that all the timelines are followed to the dot as all other areas of business are dependent on it. The job is not limited to production processes but also includes Financial Management of the process, strategizing with top management to achieve maximum results, Manage and forecasting the Budgetary needs of the company. It is generally considered to be an all-around job as it encompasses duties of each and every area. The highest level of position held by operations manager are usually Chief Operating Officer but is not limited to that as there are many instances of Ops manager becoming the CEO of the company as well.