What is human resource information system?

The Human Resource Information System is a system used to collect and store data on an organization’s employees, like their name, address, age, salary, benefits, time and attendance, performance reviews, and more. This data is valuable input for data-driven decision-making in HR.

HRIS is an acronym for Human Resources Information System. The Human Resource Information System is a data collection and storage system for an organization’s personnel.
In most cases, an HRIS includes all of the essential features required for end-to-end Human Resource Management (HRM) in an organization. It is a system that handles everything from hiring to performance management to learning and development in that organization.
HRIS software is another name for an HRIS. This is a little perplexing because it indicates that various systems can run different software at the same time. This is not the case, however. In essence, the HRIS is a piece of HR software.
The HRIS can run on a company’s own technological infrastructure or, as is more typical these days, on the cloud. This suggests that the HR software is being used outside of the company’s walls, posing a security risk and evident threats on the organization.