What is Guerilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing method in which a company advertises a product or service through unexpected interactions and/or surprises.
Guerrilla marketing is distinct from traditional marketing in the following aspects:

  • Relies heavily on human interaction
  • Has a lower budget.
  • It is supposed to have a substantially longer lasting impression on customers
  • It focuses on local groups of promoters who are responsible for spreading the word in a specific location rather than through large media efforts.

Because it is relatively low-cost, guerrilla marketing is popular among marketers. The true investment is creativity, and its implementation does not have to be costly.

The everlasting impression on customers is because most guerrilla marketing efforts want to connect with customers more intimately and memorable.

Guerrilla marketing began as a strategy geared at tiny enterprises with limited resources, but this hasn’t stopped large corporations from adopting the same philosophy. To supplement their advertising operations, larger corporations have turned to unusual marketing.