What is Email marketing - Dynamic content?

Dynamic content is the content that can be displayed & triggered based on data entered by the subscriber. It helps the business to personalizes the marketing experience for the customers to help drive more sales.
For e.g., email marketers can use gender to determine which type of content to display. A clothing retailer can display their men’s collection to male subscribers & women’s collection to female subscribers.

Dynamic email marketing is the personalisation of email messages using dynamic content. In other words, it’s sending the same email to your list of contacts, but the content within changes depending on the segmenting protocols that you define.

With the help of dynamic email marketing, you can dynamically change the content of your emails to sound more personal and target more contacts— by sending tailored emails to your contacts. This will help you improve your conversion rates. Moreover, in order to use dynamic email marketing, you will need information about your contacts. Based on the information that you’ve collected about them, you could craft an email with the most relevant content for them.

Dynamic content consists of personalized messages and relevant graphics inserted into emails based on which links are clicked in previous emails or other Web browsing information associated with the recipients. Emails may also be targeted by location, browser type, device type, and mobile operating system.