What is Business Process Management?

business process management (BPM) complements and extends [service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enable the definition, integration, and continuous improvement of services. BPM is a management discipline that focuses on the design of business processes and continuous improvement of the speed, cost, and quality of business operations. BPM emphasizes the documentation of repeatable business processes as the basis for analysis and improvement. This includes both manual and automated business processes. Information technology provides the ability to model business processes for more precise specifications and the ability to automate processes for controlled execution.
Though not all business processes are automated, the speed, reliability, and discipline of automated processes suggest that most business processes should be automated, if possible. In particular, the processes that drive the integration and high-level execution of service unit activities should be automated to support consistent and effective operations.
Consequently, though the [agile enterprise]includes manual business processes, our emphasis here is on the automated business processes that, for the most part, drive the operation of an agile enterprise. SOA brings a fundamental pattern to the design of business processes. Business processes do not exist independent of service units, and processes are confined to the management of activities within an associated service unit.

Business processes specify how service units produce value. For readers who are familiar with [object-oriented programming], service units are like objects and business processes are like methods.
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