What is Brand Positioning?

The way you distinguish yourself from the competition and how people perceive and interact with your firm is referred to as brand positioning. It’s made up of your company’s most important characteristics and ideals.

Tone and voice, visual design, as well as how your firm displays itself in person and on social media are all examples of how brand positioning can be communicated.

Your brand’s positioning informs customers on why they should select you over your competitor and is one of the few aspects of your business that you can entirely control.

For example:

  • Tesla created a unique market for itself and a fun brand to go with it. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, established himself as a very popular entrepreneur, and the company touts its distinctiveness through advertisements and eccentric features like “Ludicrous Mode.”
  • Apple does not include pricing in its branding, instead emphasizing the value of its products and their relationship with its customers.
  • Dollar Shave Club’s brand is less expensive, more daring, and more convenient than its competitors, and this is the brand positioning they have established.