What is an economic indicator?

An economic indicator is an element of economic data, often on a macroeconomic scale, that analysts use to assess present and prospective investment opportunities. These metrics may also be used to assess an economy’s overall health. Economic indicators may be anything an investor wants, but particular data given by the government and non-profit groups has grown popular. Some examples of such indicators include, but are not limited to:

  1. CPI.
  2. GDP.
  3. Price of crude oil.
  4. Unemployment figures.
    Data from the government, non-profit organisations, and universities are the most commonly utilised economic indicators.

There are a lot of economic indicators that the investors are using, however I have found out that these three indicators are most used by investors:

  1. Gross Domestic Product

  2. Consumer Price Indicator

  3. Retail Sales Report

GDP is practically useless when it comes to regular people. As is any figure that includes all money coming into a country as this does not reflect how the money is being distributed. From a macro-economic business perspective what you want to know is how much disposable income the majority of people (not a few billionaires) have